With the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the schools, colleges, and universities have been closed and students have been asked to stay in home quarantine for a period resulting in the students having ample time and also unsure of their job prospects.

The pandemic has also led to an economic turmoil which has led several companies to make hard decisions resorting to layoffs and salary cuts thus a global decline. Seeing the present scenario, the students are under a lot of stress and anxiety regarding what future holds for them.

However, instead of worrying about coronavirus ask yourself “how can you make the most of this time and come out stronger?. With ample time in hand, use this as an opportunity and the smart thing to do is to enhance your skills and knowledge to secure a promising career once the industries start hiring. The first step is to

  1. Develop English language skills

    One cannot deny that English is an official language in as many as 70 countries and is the most globally used common language. With the advancement in the communication technology and the rapid growth of multinational corporation have made the English language mandatory, hence to compete with the workforce in the global market and to transform one’s life developing English skills will be very helpful.
  2. know your employability quotient

    As this will help you in assessing your strengths and weakness giving one a clear picture of how to achieve their goal and learn to stay at par with the industries.
  3. Focus on soft skills development

    It is also known as people’s skill. Peoples skill or Soft skill are those skill which will help you bind with one responsible for your growth. Hard skills are those skills which is the degree you are awarded after your course .soft skills are those skills which help you stand out in the organization. Candidates who possess a unification of social skills, communication skills, and technical skills are most sought out by the industries
  4. Developing Presentation skills

    As through this skill you are able to conduct your way through people, and the ability to create your own network increases. it helps you in believing yourself
  5. Resume building and interview skills

    • Develop professional etiquette and first impression skills.
    • Understand the importance of transferable skills.
    • Learn the practice of researching before an interview in order to be prepared.
    • Identify common interview questions and practice appropriate responses.
    • Consider meaningful questions to ask interviewers.
    • Learn the proper follow‐up procedure after an interview.
    • Learn the purpose of a cover letter.
    • Identify the “don’ts” and do’s” of writing a successful cover letter.
    • Learn the purpose and importance of a résumé.
    • Become familiar with the standard professional résumé format.
    • Learn the various résumé styles.
    • Recognize what information not to include on a résumé.
    • Assess the importance of online job applications.
  6. Effective email writing

    Email is how we spend most of our time communicating and it is through this skill it allows you to communicate your message with clarity and ease to a larger audience thus opening new doors and helping one work towards one’s goal.it helps one become more clear and concise and allows you to stand out as compared with the rest.